Islamic political system with special reference to the sovereign of Allah (S.W.T) as the basis for Islamic political system

Islamic political system with special reference to the sovereign of Allah (S.W.T) as                           the basis for Islamic political system
The word sovereign as a noun means the controller of political power (complete power to govern a country). In Islam, the sovereign is Allah, The Creator, The Shaper and The Controller of political power. Therefore, the phrase sovereignty of Allah means the eternal right of Allah to rule over all the creatures on earth, since He is the creator, The Owner and The Shaper of whatever is on Earth and in Heaven
Sovereignty of Allah as the basis of Islamic Political system Thought.
Islamic political system though, is based on the fact that power belongs to Allah alone. Therefore, whoever exercises power on earth does that as a representative of Allah. As such, the Ruler should rule his dolmen in accordance to the wish of Allah as he revealed to His Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) all transaction and legal system on the state must be geared towards realizing the pleasure of Allah as contained in the Qur’an Hadith and in other sources of Shari’a.
                                             Significance of Allah’s Sovereignty
1.       A godly leader puts Allah (S.W.T) at the forefront of whatever is done in the state.
2.       It checks the arrogance of man so that he does not become a dictator and makes the state his own personal property.
3.       It takes care of enslavement of man by man, indigent, the needy and the orphans as against what is obtained in a circular state like Nigeria, where such class of citizens are left unattended to by the state.
4.       It maintains justice at all aspect of life such as in social relations, economic pursuits, and political and educational opportunities.
                                   Application of sovereignty of Allah to daily life
It is in the Islamic that full freedom of worship necessary conducive environment and the joy of worship are realized. Therefore, Muslim should strive to attain that state.
Political administration of Prophet (PBUH)
When the Prophet (PBUH) migrated to Medina, He assumes the leadership of the new Muslim community which comprised Muslims and non-Muslims. In setting up the political system of Islam, the Prophet (PBUH) was by Allah. He therefore set up a state.
  • Where the law of Allah was supreme.
  • Where consultation was done on issues that the Qur’an was not categorical.
  • Where both Muslim and non-Muslims members of the state had equal rights for the protection from the state. 
  • Where within the circle of the Muslim members Islamic brotherhood was the biding force, since all of them believed in a common course to establish the religion of Allah on earth and to protect it.
  • Where leaders realized that the responsibility that the responsibility placed on them was a trust from Allah whom shall eventually be accountable to.
The political system founded by the Prophet (PBUH) in Medina was based on fair play. Fair play here means giving individuals and groups; their due rights without discriminating. It was because of the fair play at the Islamic political system that the Islamic state in Medina was able to succeed.
Political administration of Khulafarir Rashid
After the Prophet death (PBUH). He was succeeded by the four Khulafarir Rashid namely: - Abu-Bakr, Uthman, Umar, and Aliyu.
They all maintained the sovereignty of Allah to be supreme above all consideration in running of an Islamic political system as done by the belief that the executing administrative policies was equal to observance of ordained rituals as done by the Prophet (SAW).

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