Importance of The Qur'an and its Authenticity

Qur’an has a member of other names with which is called. This is exidact from the constant of the book itself some of these are
  1. Al-Huda (The Guidance)
  2. Al-Furqan (The Criterion)
  3. Al-Dhikur (The Reminder)
  4. Al-Kitab (The Book)
  5. Al-Tangil (The Revolution)
Importance of Qur’an
  1. Qur’an as the source of guidance: the Qur’an helps us to know about the existence of all creatures of Allah and the purpose for which they are created.
  2. It tells us about the God as the Supreme Being who cannot be seen but who see all things.
  3. It tells us about the Angels and about the importance of Iman and his Accountability to Allah on the Day of Judgment.
  4. Qur’an as manual of worship & living: we use to worship Allah relate with others.
Authenticity of the Glorious Qur’an
  1. The authenticity of the Glorious Qur’an means that it was truly a revelation from Allah through Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) to Mankind.
  2. It was neither interpolated nor tempered with anybody.
  3. It remains the original as revealed by Allah.
  4. It is the last testament of Allah to Humanity.
  5. It contains the exact words of Allah.
  6. They are not composed by the Prophet (S.A.W) nor the Angels but by Allah Himself.
Evidence for the Authenticity of the Qur’an
  1. The text of the Qur’an is the authentic text to the unlettered Prophet by Allah through Angel Jibril.
  2. The Qur’an which Muslims use today is the same revealed to the Prophet several centuries between is recorded and compiled by his companions.
  3. It is a text that has not been reviewed or edited so no addition or subtraction has been made to Him.
  4. It is a divine book which Allah has promised to guide.

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