Meaning of Ibadah
Ibadah is got from the root Arabic word "Abd" meaning "Servant" while Ibadah itself means worship, homage, reverence and service rendered to Allah. It also includes all lawful actions done for the sake of God. More so, abstinence from any unlawful act with the intention of obedience to Allah is also termed as Ibadah (Worship).
                  The above meaning implies that whatever a Muslim do in this World constitute an act of Ibadah because Allah says in Q56: 51 as follows:
                  "I have not created jinn and mankind other than they may worship Me"
This verse shows that 'Ibadah' refers to in this verse is all encompasses in all human endeavor and exceed the act of Five daily prayers, Five Pillars of Islam, praising and glorification of God, since Allah says that the purpose of Our creation is for worship.

The Five Pillars of Islam is not the whole body of Islam, but some segments that supported its weigh Allah pointed to this in Q2: 177 as follows:

"True piety does not (only) consists of turning your faces towards the east or the west but truly pious is he who believes in Allah, The Last Day of Judgement, The Angels, The Revelations (Books), and the Prophets and spends (out of) his wealth however much he may cherish it on his near of Kin, the orphans, and the needy, and the wayfarers, and the beggars, and for the freeing Human being from bondage and is constant in prayers, and renders the purifying dues, and (truly pious are) they who keep their promise, and are patient in misfortune and hardship and in time of danger. It is they that have proved themselves true (Servants of Allah) and it is they who are conscious of Allah." (Q2: 177).

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