Evidence on the Existence of God

The verses of Surat waqi'ah (Q56:57 -74) and other supportive verses of Holy Qur'an centered on the existence of the Almighty Creator. The verses directs the attention of Human being into three distinct areas by which we can recognize the existence of as discussed below:

1. The existence of Created thing as evidence: Every Created things did not create itself, and must have a creator. Human being can only create through the combination of already created things of Allah. But human beings cannot create anything without source (origin). Therefore, both human being and whatever they create including all other things are created by Almighty Creator (Allah) through the divine command 'Kun' 'Fayakun' meaning 'Be' and 'It become' or what they are today. Q52: 35 - 36 direct us to the end.

Verse 35: Or were they created out of naught? or are they the Creator.
Verse 36: Or did they create the Heavens and the Earths? Nah, but they are sure of nothing.
                While Q36: 82 speaks on the divine command
        "But this command, when He intended a thing, is only that the said to it Be! and it is" Q36: 82.
2. Evidence of Consistency in Universal Law: The law of the universe that does not change easily is another evidence of the existence of an Almighty Controller. The day and the night follows their due cause, every animal and plants follows the law of its own species. For example, a cow do not bark like a dog nor has feathers and fly like birds. Heavenly bodies, like the Sun, Moon, and Stars follows the same low. Q87: 1 - 5 and Q36: 38 - 4- testifies to this facts.
                   "Praise the name of your Lord  The Most High, Who created (things) then disposed (them); Who measured (everything in shapes, sizes and forms) then guide (them); Who brought forth the pasturage; then turned it to russet stubble" (Law of diminishing return): (Q87: 1 - 5).
                   And Allah says in Q36: 38 - 40 as follows:
           And the Sun run in unto a resting place Him. That is the measuring of the Mighty. The Wise.
And for the Moon, we have appointed mansion till she return like an old shriveled palm leaf.
It is not for the Sun to overtake the Moon, nor does the Night outstrip the day, They float each in an orbit

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