Articles of Faith (Al - Iman)


There are six articles of faith (Iman). The six constitute the first pillars of Islam. They are belief in:

  1. Allah
  2. Allah’s Angels
  3. Revealed Books
  4. Allah’s Prophet
  5. The Last Day
  6. Destiny (good or bad)

However, we are going to discuss two Articles of Faith i.e, Allah and Allah’s Angels

1.1 Articles of Faith: (Belief in Allah)

However, we are treating the first (Belief in Allah).

Q59: 22-24

  1. He is Allah beside whom there is no god. The All knower of the unseen and the open. He is Allah, The Most Beneficent, and The Most Merciful.
  2. He is Allah beside whom there is no god. The Sovereign, The Holy, The Source of Peace, The Giver of Security, The Watchful, The Almighty, The Compeller, The Supreme. Glory is to Allah above all that is being associated as partners with Him. (Vs.23)
  3. He is Allah, The Creator, The Fashioner, and The Bestower of forms. To Him belong the Best names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorify Him, and He is the Almighty, The All-Wise. (Vs.24)

Meaning of the Passage

  1. No god but Allah (Monotheism).
  2. He knows all whether hidden or open.
  3. He has many beautiful names among the teen are mentioned here as:

  • Al-Alim – The Knowledgeable
  • Ar-Rahman – The Beneficent
  • Ar-Rahim – The Merciful
  • Al-Lahu (2ce) – Allah
  • Al-Maliku – Sovereign
  • Al-Qudus – The Holy
  • As-Salam – The Source of Peace
  • Al-Mu’min – The Giver of Security
  • Al-Muhaymin – The Watchful
  • Al-Aziz – The Almighty
  • Al-Jabbar – The Compeller
  • Al-Mutakabbir – The Supreme
  • Al-Khaliq – The Creator
  • Al- Bari’u – The Fashioner
  • Al-Musawwir – The Bestower of forms
  • Al-Hakim – The Wise
 4. All creatures praise God

Lessons/implications of the passage

  1. It gives us knowledge about God and His attributes.
  2. Unlike that of a man, the knowledge of Allah has no limitations or restriction.
  3. Man knows that Allah is the one to grant knowledge to man through revelations and other means.
  4. Certain qualities of God are not for man. Such include sovereignty, holiness, guardianship, might, compulsion, supremacy, creation etc.
  5. Absolute unity of Allah is affirmed.
  6. Man should glorify and than God as other creatures do.
  7. Muslims should memorize as many as possible of the ninety-nine names of Allah.
  8. We call Allah by those beautiful names.
  9. Muslim must always do good things, which would earn them beautiful attributes such as being truthful, honest, etc.

2.2 Articles of Faith: Concept and Implications of Belief in Angels


Another article of faith in Islam is the belief in the Angels. It is contained in Qur’an 59: 22-24 which we have just studied in the last lesson. Other Qur’an passages that confirm ‘belief in Angels’ as an article of faith include Qur’an 2:177; 2:285; 8:50

Qur’an text on Belief in Angels

‘It is not righteous that you turn your faces towards East or West; but it is righteous to believe in Allah, and the Last Day, and The Angels, the Books, and the Messengers.’

The nature of the Angels

  1. Angels are created from light.
  2. Angels can assume human form on divine instruction.
  3. Angels obey Allah at all times

Functions of the Angels

  1. Bringing Allah’s message to His Prophets, Messengers and others
  2. Strengthening the Faith of Prophets, Messengers, believers and friends
  3. Recording human actions
  4. Carrying out Allah’s punishment on disbelievers
  5. Guarding of paradise and hell
  6. Praying for mankind
  7. Prompting mankind to righteous

Specific functions of ten of the Angels

  1. Jibril: He carries revelations from Allah to human beings
  2. Mika’il: He is in charge of the provision of sustenance to God’s creatures.
  3. Israfil: He is the trumpeter in charge of resurrection of the dead on the Day of Judgment.
  4. Azra’il: He is in charge of taking the souls (death)
  5. Atid: He records the bad deeds done by man
  6. Raqib: He is in charge of writing good deeds done by Human beings.
  7. Munkar and Nakir: They are the questioners in the grave concerning the deeds of human beings on earth
  8. Malik: He is the chief porter in charge of hell.
  9. Ridwan: He is the chief porter in charge of paradise.

Implications of Belief in Angels

  1. The fact that other creatures exist that man cannot see.
  2. The messages to the Prophets are God-sent through the Angels and should be believed.
  3. Gratitude to Allah for providing the Angels to promote welfare of believers.
  4. Accountability is certain because humans act are being recorded.
  5. The recording prompts man to always do good.
  6. There is a day of reckoning.
  7. Angels are agents of Allah.

Lessons from the implications of Belief in Angels

  1. Do well always.
  2. Avoid evil always.
  3. Hope in Allah.

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