Revelation of the Holy Qur'an

              Revelation of the Qur’an


The Qur’an was revealed by Allah to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in peacemeal.
Call to Prophet-hood
      Prior to his call Prophet hood, Muhammad (SAW) used to withdraw to a cave called Hira near Makah to mediate and also keep away from noise and corruption in the town. His withdrawal was also because he did not like idol worship which was rampant in Makah. It was during one of these visits in 610 CE. When he was forty years old that Angel Jibril appeared to him and asked him to read. The Angel pressed him hard and still asked him to read, he still said he could not read. He was pressed for the third time and was told:

  1. Read in the name of Your Lord who has created all the exists.
  2. He created man from a clot of blood.
  3. Read and your Lord is the Most Generous.
  4. Who taught writing by the pen?
  5. He taught man what he did not know.
            (Qur’an Chapter 96 verses 1-5) 

The Prophet’s Reaction to the First Revelation
         As Angle Jibril recited the verses for the third time, Muhammad (SAW) repeated them after him and there after the Angel departed. Muhammad (SAW) shivered and panicked since he had never experienced such a thing before then. Consequently,
He rushed to his wife, Khadijah at home.
He narrated his ordeal to her.
Khadijah consoled and assured him that nothing bad would happen to him.
She covers him up with cloth and took very good care of him.
She even narrated the development to her cousin Waraqah Ibn Nawfal
Waraqah informed her that Muhammad had been appointed a Messenger of God.
By this revelation, Muhammad became a prophet of Allah in the month of Ramadan and that was the origin of Laylatul-Qadr, the night of Majesty in which the revelation started.

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