Meaning of Hajj

Meaning of Hajj:

Hajj means pilgrimage; it is an obligatory act of Idam of Islam of traveling from one’s home to Makah in order to perform certain rituals in the House of Allah for those who has the mean and are physically fit to make the journey with the soft intention of obedience to the commandment of Allah.
Hajj is only obligatory once in one’s life time, the subsequent one performed are Sunnah.
Allah commands the performance of Hajj in the following verse.
               “Lo! The first statuary appointed for mankind was that of Bakka? (Makah) a blessed place, a guidance to people, where in plain memorials (of Allah’s guidance); the place where Abraham stood up to pray; and whoever entered. It is safe, and pilgrimage to the House is duties unto Allah for mankind, for him who can find a way there to. As for him who disbelieved (let him know that) lo! Allah is independent of (all) creatures.” (Q3:96-97).
You can read more of this in Q21: 196 – 203 and Q22: 26 – 33.
Spiritual objectives of Hajj
Every pilgrim leaves behind all kinds of pleasure; his family, friends, place of birth, favorite food and drinks. In order to obey the commandment of Allah therefore,

  • Submitting his will to the will of His Creator through obedience.
  • Purifying his soul for the worship of the only divine being.
  • Seeking for forgiveness of sins while there in Makah, hatred to key of all evil and also forgiveness of all his short comings for his journey to Hajj.
  • Worshipping Allah act of Ibadah; seeking for the pleasure of Allah and his infinite mercy.

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