The role of the four Sunni School in the spreading of Islamic Law

The role of the four Sunni schools in the spreading of Islamic Law (Shari’ah)
The Arabic word for school of ‘Fiqr’ is madhhad plural of madhhib. The Sunnah schools of Islamic thought mostly organized by people are

  1. Malikisu.
  2. Hamifi.
  3. Shafii.
  4. Hambali.
               Each of the four founder of this school is experienced in Mauhi much of the following, interpretation (Tafsir) its principle of language (Lugha), the Hadiths and other Islamic Religious sciences.

There main service being rendered was to propound derivable from the various sources of Sharia (Islamic Fiqh) and to elaborate those laws into a comprehensive and detail system of Juris, so as to make them comprehensive for implementation.
Their ruling sometimes tends to differ only in interpretations and implementation of certain religious acts which are not fundamental, but these are not applicable to the major Islamic creeds. Which is Believe especially in about God, due to this; they have the deepest regard for each others work and never engage in religious quarrels with one another.
                                                     Malikisu Sunnah
Malikisu Sunnah: - The founder of the school is Imam Malik, and he was born in Medina in 93AIH (713AC) where He passes some of his life time, he travelled extensively in search of knowledge and specifically studied under the tabi’un (comparison of the Prophet). He was very brave and determine in his missionary activities i.e. having courage in face of dangers or unable to suffer without complaint.
He wrote a number of books on unknown and ethics. The most famous of which is Muwatta, which covers basic fundamentals of Religious matters and various legal duties.
There is no book that has appeared on surface of the Earth, after
The Book of Allah (Al-Qur’an and Hadiths) more authentic than the Book of Malik.
Imam Malik school of Islamic taught is mostly followed in West Africa and most pat of the North Africa, He died in Medina 8A1H (798AC) where He was buried at the age 85years.
                                                           Hanafi School
The founder was Abu-Khalifah Nukman bin thabit born in Basirah in Iraq in 80AH (669AC). He grew up and live in Kuffah and he travelled far in search of knowledge, He severely flogged and in prison in Baghdad by Khalifah Mansur for not been a party with the Government Policy and for not accepting Government appointment where he finally died in 150AH (670CE) at the age of 70years.
His School has the largest number of followers in the World such as Afghanistan, China, Pakistan and the rest of them e.t.c, and were known as Ahlul-Raiy which means of all of Holder of opinion.
                                                           Shafii School
The founder of the school was Imam Muhammad bin Idris. (Ash-Shafii) who was born in Palestine in 150AH (739AC). He was brought up by his Mother in poverty as a result of the death of his Father when he was young.
He also travelled wide in the guest of knowledge to Makah, Medina, Egypt, and Baghdad. Where he codified his school of teaching. He was memorized the whole body of the Holy Qur’an at the age of 7years, and Muwatta of Imam Malik by the age 15years old, He was also a student of Imam Malik for about 9 years.
Imam Shafii criticizes the bad habits of then rulers for which he was deported in chains by Khalifah haroon in Iraq, but later pardons him and made him patron.
His famous books include Kitablu Al-umma and Ar-risalah. His followers of his school are now commonly found in Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Malaysia and east Africa among others. He died in Cairo in 204AH (821CE) at the age of 54years.

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